My first journey to India in March 2015, with my 305 Yoga family was filled with wonder, awe, and amazing sights, smells, and sounds. Every emotion that you have ever felt will surface and request your attention while you explore the practice of yoga in this magical, mystical land called Rishikesh. Well thought out and planned activities:  attending a puja ceremony, meditating in a cave, hiking the Himalayas, white water rafting on the Ganges, and Outreach with the children of the Kushi School were made so much more special, SHARING it TOGETHER with this group of 305 yogis. I formed lasting bonds, forever friendships, and a love of India that will never die.
-Karen Stinson
Karen Stinson

 “India to me was a Gift from the Universe. Having this Extraordinary Experience made it the Most Powerful and Inspirational Time in My Life. I am Grateful for the Many Blessings of Growth and Mindfulness with New and Old Friends. I will Treasure & Cherish Every Moment Forever.”
-Jacqui Kelly
Jacqui Kelly

“There are no words to fully describe the depth of my experience in India. It was rich, eye opening, and life changing. I come home with a broader perspective of myself, others, and the world. I wish that every westerner could experience India. There is no way you could come home unchanged.”
– Claire Zovko
Claire Zovko

“ India is a must do experience for anyone who has fallen in love with yoga.  It’s easy to anticipate some of the obvious ways this sacred land will impact you. The people, the food, the animals and the faith. Those are the reasons one chooses to go. But, what isn’t obvious- is the deep and profound way this land gets inside you. On the banks of the Ganga- your heart begins to open in ways perviously unimagined.  Your truths begin to reveal themselves, and a gentle quiet of my mind unfolds. In the chaos of Laxman Jhula, complete with roaming cows, rural villagers on pilgrimage, street merchants, monkeys and motorcycles- even in all of that- you will find an internal quiet. One that will stay with you forever. Going back to India is like going home. For me its an annual trip to re-charge my soul. And, such an inspiring place that I even took my daughter when she was only 11 months old. “

Join  305 Yoga  and the Sattva Yoga community in Rishikesh, India!

Annual India Retreat 

This all inclusive yoga retreat boasts authentic Indian accommodations overlooking the Ganges River in the heart of Laxman Jhula nestled in the quiet hills of the Himalayan Mountains.

Daily excursions to scared sites, fire ceremonies and several days of hand on service connecting with the kids of the Khushi Project. Three vegetarian meals, and daily yoga and wisdom classes offered.


Airfare NOT included
$2600 single accommodations
$2200 double accommodations