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305U taught by:

Claire Santos E-RYT

305U Director

305 Yoga Studio Manager



Claire is a former Marine Corps Sergeant who was introduced to yoga as a child and has since practiced many different styles as her life took her from Japan to a Native American Indian Reservation in Montana and lots of places in between. She began teaching as a RYT in 2010, completing 200 hour certifications in both Vinyasa and Integrative Yoga during that time and is also a Certified Outreach Yoga instructor with Yoga Gangsters, a non-profit organization providing yoga to marginalized communities in South Florida. In addition to teaching regularly, Claire is the Studio Manager at 305 Yoga & Outreach in her hometown of Miami, FL. She is inspired to create opportunities for others to find peace and presence through the practice of yoga in order to live their lives fully,as active participants in the global community, with intention, joy and love.

Terri Cooper E-RYT
Owner 305 Yoga & Outreach
Founder Yoga Gangsters


Terri Cooper, the owner of 305 Yoga & Outreach, is also the founder of Yoga Gangsters our non-profit arm. She is the mastermind behind YogattaKnowThis.com our ridiculously cool masterclass series and every year she co-produces the  Yoga Gangsters Challenge uniting the entire yoga community to come together and practice for a purpose. Terri is an Off The Mat Into The World Senior leader and is the FL Campaign Lead for the political movement YogaVotes.org.  She travels the country offering workshops and trainings to students of all age, race, shape and status. She has trained more than 500 Yoga Gangsters Volunteers and has taught professional yoga certification courses since 2005.  Basically she is our fearless leader. Check out her class. It rocks!