I have been fortunate enough to be practicing at 305 Yoga, in their Miami Lakes studio since July 2014.
I had practiced at various studios before finding this community and none compare to what I have found here. All the teachers are caring, knowledgeable, sincere, spiritual and truly care about the practice they bring to their classes. What I find amazing is the variety of each of the teacher’s styles, but the deep spiritual connection they each create is something I never found any place else.
The beauty of 305 Yoga is that is not only a studio of physical practice, but they often offer seminars to improve meditation, learn about other aspects of yoga and sessions to take your practice into the community through their Yoga Gangsters program. Lenore D.

305 Yoga is a unique and amazing studio that has helped me develop in body, mind, heart and soul. The classes are conveniently scheduled for the evening so I don’t have to rush home from work just to try to make a yoga class. Classes with instructor/”yogini” Claire S. are like a yoga class and therapy session rolled into one. Her incredible classes not only challenge and fulfill you physically, but are accompanied by her thought provoking and insightful observations on life, energy and consciousness…you leave her class feeling energized in body and mind!
Sunday morning “Yin yoga” with Claire Z. is a mindful and rejuvenating, gentle class that incorporates the use of time and gravity into opening up the body and stretching the muscles. The Yoga Nidrea class with Keeley is an effortless meditation class that brings deep relaxation, calm and increased awareness. All of the instructors and staff are knowledgeable and friendly and there is such a large group of regular members that you see at every class that it always feels like you’re taking your class with friends, not just a room full of strangers. The “vibe” of the entire organization is welcoming and friendly, never pretentious. I highly recommend 305 yoga, I’ve been coming here for more than a year, its a healing experience in body and soul. Michael M.

I became a member of 305yoga about six months ago; I had been practicing yoga on and off for about a year before finding 305yoga but after I did, I can honestly say that I am “before and after 305yoga”!!!!
I have now made yoga a priority since I have noticed many changes in different aspects of my life that go from improving my looks (lol) to the most important, improving my sense of enjoying life, and not only that, but also gained the strength to make better decisions on my quality of life from food to relationships and everything in between.
Everyday I look forward to practice and since 305yoga has 3 different studios, there is always a chance to practice no matter where you are!
All the teachers are AWESOME and the classes offered are fantastic because each class and teacher has something new and different to offer.
I can say that I am in “#yogahigh” since 305yoga!!
#whoopwhoop #Namaste” Carmen S.

The first time I tried Yoga Nidra, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really prefer a physical practice and was skeptical about any the benefits that Yoga Nidra could provide. Granted, it was a very relaxing and soothing experience but I was surprised at how I felt the next day. I felt a sense of peacefulness and calm throughout the workday. Some of my friends have told me that their experience was very similar to mine. I’ve been attending Keeley’s sessions since the summer and I have found that the benefits have become intrinsic. I have always had trouble sleeping through the night but now I sleep much more deeply and I’m able to deal with stress with a healthier attitude. I would recommend it to anyone and I have!! Abeer J.

I injured my spine in the fall of 2012. Years of improver lifting and careless repetitive activities culminated in a herniated disc in my lower back at the L5/S3. This led to acute and chronic low back and sciatic pain which radiated down my left side along my leg. I was in pain constantly, even in my sleep. The pain was so intense that the most routine of tasks became an unpleasant and emotionally debilitating experience, significantly interfering with my quality of life and overall general functioning. It was excruciating to go to work, to rest, to sleep, to walk, to drive. My doctors told me I had three options: live with the pain, undergo surgery or take cortisone shots for the rest of my life. At this point, I had begun to explore more natural and therapeutic options which lend me to the practice of yoga at 305. Admittedly it was hard as I started strengthening; conditioning and using my body in ways I never had done so before yoga. With each class I felt so much better. I had increased range of motion and created greater space along my spin which alleviated much of the pain. Now, three years out from the initial bad spell, I live an active and more balanced live with greater confidence and appreciation of my body and health. Yoga at 305 has given me exercise of mind and body and a sustained level of energy. I look forward to each class and can’t imagine 305 Yoga not being part of my life. Hector G.

I’ve found sooo much peace at yoga. It’s been a year, and everyday I learn so much, it’s always different. I began going because of stress, but found a combination of body work with mind relax. Discovering each day different perspectives of different situations.The studio has an amazing serene feeling. The instructors so varied, with different styles, are all amazing. I truly believe that I’m happier, and less stressed with my practice at 305 yoga. Body, mind and spirit bliss. Celeste P.

Thank you 305 Yoga, for making me shine bright, and finding my way through the dark moments. Your amazingly wonderful teachers have helped me immerse, discover and transform and inspire. John G.

I love 305 Yoga. I attend classes at the Sunny Isles location. Besides the Nidra classes with Keeley on Saturday mornings, which are quite relaxing, I have been doing more advanced yoga positions since I’ve started the classes just 2 months ago. The instructors are great at explaining the poses and how to work your way into the pose. It’s great. I highly recommend. Adina B.

305 Yoga Rocks! I am a member at the Sunny Isles location. The studio is welcoming, clean and has a great vibe! All of the teachers are very knowledgable and provide helpful options to make the postures attainable to all experience levels. The classes are fun and interesting. I love the studio’s manager Keeley’s 305 Flow. During the class she offers participants gentle adjustments, shares beautiful words of wisdom, and closes the class with a small taste of Yoga Nidra. It’s the perfect way to start the day. Sheila F.

I went to 305 Sunny Isles for two weeks while I was on holiday. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have been to so many yoga studios where they concentrate too much on the physical and not on the meditation part. After my first class with Angela (yoga 2), I knew 305 Yoga was different. I could tell straight away this place was going to be the perfect mix of everything a yogi wants. Angela’s class was challenging, yet calming and peaceful all at the same time. I came away feeling great and looking forward to my next class. On the Saturday morning I had two classes… First with Keeley who took me on a magical journey through her art of Yoga Nidra sleep meditation. I loved every minute. I really felt like I had been asleep for hours. Finally the icing on the cake, Jessica (yoga 2/3). Jessica is something special. She guides you through a wonderful flow of poses to make you sweat hard, but also make you go deep, deep inside. All I can say is thanks 305 Yoga for your love and warmth. Gemma from the UK

I often think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t met Terri… It scares me to wonder. The experience was one that I will carry with me throughout my life and am more grateful than I will ever be able to describe with words. The Chakra Flow teacher training changed my life… I guarantee it will change yours too! Emilie Donals

I do not know where to start to express what a profound transforming experience Teri Cooper’s teacher training was for me. I had tried Yoga many times before in the past, but never really found the connection. When I stepped into 305 (Shores Yoga),  more than 2 years and a half ago, and took Terri Cooper’s class, it was the beginning of a new path! And I did not know yet that day, half of the changes that will happen into my Life. Terri’s knowledge and words during classes were, and still are, just amazing, and every time, I was puzzled with that feeling that she was talking “just to me” !

With Teri Cooper’s Teacher Training I grew so much. It was beautiful, powerful,  touching, sometimes scary, but always true. I know that I am at the beginning of my transformation, becoming better everyday. And I am so grateful for that wonderful journey !

Terri Cooper is for me the perfect picture of an “urban Yogi”. Someone that brings her knowledge off t the mat and into the world to really help people. It seems that her capacity of sharing and giving has no limit. And I feel truly blessed for her teachings. Gisele Omores

Owner, Biotonic Brickell

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