305 Yoga is proud
to offer a variety of choices
for Private instruction

Terri CooperTerri Cooper

Owner of 305 Yoga & Outreach o Founder of Yoga Gangsters

Terri offers chakra balancing, yoga therapy for injuries and/or illness, and more. Each Private Session is tailored specifically for each person’s needs.
Three 90 minute Private Sessions of Chakra Balancing with Terri includes a 30-minute Chakra consultation at the start of each session followed by a 60-minute physical practice. During these three private sessions you will explore and balance the seven major chakras/energy centers, which will offer insight and profound healing.
First session: Chakras 1 & 2
        Chakra 1 – childhood, your home & health
        Chakra 2 – Intimacy, emotions, creativity & money
Second session:  3 & 4
       Chakra 3 – Power, transformation, sense of self
       Chakra 4 – Love for others, love for self
Third Session: Chakras 5-7
        Chakra 5 – Communication, speaking your truth
        Chakra 6 – Vision, perception and intuition
        Chakra 7 – Divine Connection, living your higher self
Three Chakra Balancing Sessions with Terri: $750

Senior Teacher

In addition to the “305 Guru” qualifications, our senior teachers have over 5 years of teaching experience. They have also expanded their knowledge through the completion of additional trainings earning them continuing education credits. Each Private Session is tailored specifically for each person’s needs.

305 Guru

All 305 Yoga Gurus are professionally trained and have successfully earned a 200-hour yoga teacher’s certification at a nationally accredited school of yoga.

Our Prices


60 minutes
120 minutes


75 minutes

305 Guru

75 minutes

Email: info@305yoga.com or call us at 305-917-5886 for more information  or to book your private class.