I do not know where to start to express what a profound transforming experience Teri Cooper’s teacher training was for me. I had tried Yoga many times before in the past, but never really found the connection. When I stepped into 305 (Shores Yoga),  more than 2 years and a half ago, and took Terri Cooper’s class, it was the beginning of a new path! And I did not know yet that day, half of the changes that will happen into my Life. Terri’s knowledge and words during classes were, and still are, just amazing, and every time, I was puzzled with that feeling that she was talking “just to me” !

With Teri Cooper’s Teacher Training I grew so much. It was beautiful, powerful,  touching, sometimes scary, but always true. I know that I am at the beginning of my transformation, becoming better everyday. And I am so grateful for that wonderful journey !

Terri Cooper is for me the perfect picture of an “urban Yogi”. Someone that brings her knowledge off t the mat and into the world to really help people. It seems that her capacity of sharing and giving has no limit. And I feel truly blessed for her teachings.

I often think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t met Terri… It scares me to wonder. The experience was one that I will carry with me throughout my life and am more grateful than I will ever be able to describe with words. The Chakra Flow teacher training changed my life… I guarantee it will change yours too!